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Beyond the Search

Geoff Youlden, Dannielle Synot and Johnny Murison
Available on DVD

An epic story that gives a new perspective to a world in crisis.

The ‘Beyond The Search’ documentary series explores some of life’s biggest questions, including: Why do we have pain and suffering? What happens when we die? Included in the box set are 14 documentary episodes and over 12 hours of additional content to explore the themes further.

Filmed across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific, Beyond the Search give’s a new perspective on current world events and our role in them. Winner of 14 international film awards, Beyond the search was also selected by the United Nations for the Global Wake-Up film festival.
Series Titles
Trailers for each title can be viewed by clicking on the different series titles - they will open in a separate window.
001   Beyond Disaster, the search for hope
002   Beyond Conflict, the search for meaning
003   Beyond Pain, the search for answers
004   Beyond Belief, the search for truth
005   Beyond Lost, the search for rescue
006   Beyond Heroes, the search for saviour
007   Beyond Guilt, the search for peace
008   Beyond Rules, the search for freedom
009   Beyond Burnout, the search for rest
010   Beyond Counterfeit, the search for the real thing
011   Beyond Death the search for destiny
012   Beyond Hell, the search for love
013   Beyond Warning, the search for safety
014   Beyond Talk, the search for commitment

Series Trailer

Explore Further
Included for free on the DVD Boxset is the Explore TV series that investigates the themes of the feature documentaries even further. This round table discussion program uses personal stories and insights from 30 different individuals to understand the themes deeper.

Sacred Messages

Pr Johnny Murison
Available on DVD

So far, seven DVD episodes have been filmed in beautiful locations around Australia with presenter Pr Johnny Murison.

Each episode brings the gospel message to life with captivating Australian stories. A great addition to your family DVD library, and a perfect gift for your friends and neighbours.

Series Titles

Which Way?
What Happens When You Die?
The Law and the Gospel
The War Zone
Boomerang Man
Afraid or Friend?
Jesus and Jandamarra

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