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Leadership Training

The following videos are from the North NSW (Australia) leadership training weekend held at Cooranbong. Feb 5-7, 2016
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Program ItemDurationLink
1Opening Sabbath1hr 29mWatch
1aOpening Sabbath Sermon0hr 57mWatch
2Sabbath School - Full Program1hr 19mWatch
2aSabbath School - Kingscliffe0hr 46mWatch
2bSabbath School - UR Church0hr 17mWatch
2cSabbath School - ARISE Students0hr 03mWatch
3Divine Service1hr 42mWatch
4aWorkshop - Follow up on Leads1hr 58mWatch
4bWorkshop - Youth Leadership2hr 09mWatch
4cWorkshop - Youth Empowerment1hr 48mWatch
4dWorkshop - Evangelistic Small Groups1hr 48mWatch
4eWorkshop - Spiritual Conversations with Secular People1hr 52mWatch
5Closing Sabbath - Full1hr 00mWatch
5aClosing Sabbth - Sermon only0hr 46mWatch
6Sunday Morning 1 - Full1hr 00mWatch
6aSunday Morning 1 - Sermon only0hr 51mWatch
7Sunday Morning 2 - Full1hr 31mWatch
7aSunday Morning 2 - Sermon only1hr 03mWatch

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